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  • James Blackthaw

    Belmoral Police Captain. Married to Elizabeth Blackthaw, formerly Elizabeth Clarke, with a 16 year old daughter, Mary Blackthaw. He is an incredibly honest and trustworthy man, who takes his work very seriously, but above all else, he will stop at nothing …

  • Elizabeth Blackthaw

    A teacher at Cedar Hill Elementary School. Married to James Blackthaw, with whom she has a 16 year old daughter, Mary Blackthaw. She is a kind and loving woman, always wanting to see the best in everyone she meets and will always try to help someone in …

  • Mary Blackthaw

    Junior at GreenAcres Private School. Daughter to James and Elizabeth Blackthaw. She is a sweet, outgoing girl, enthusiastic about performing. She is always willing to take on responsibility and get others involved in extra-curricular activities at school.